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S.No Profile Title Type Department
1 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “Computing Topological Indices of 2-Dimensional Silicon-Carbon” U.P.B. Sci. Bull., Series B Chemistry and Materials Science, Vol. 80, Iss. 4, 2018 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
2 Dr. Muhammad Naeem Revan and hyper-Revan indices of Octahedral and icosahedral networks, Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Sciences 3(1) (2018) 33–40 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
3 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “Total Irregularity Strength of Isomorphic Copies of Generalized Petersen Graph” Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms and Applications, Vol. 9, No. 6 (2017) 1750071 (9 pages) Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
4 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “Topological Characterization of Carbon Graphite and Crystal Cubic Carbon Structures”, Molecules, 2017, 22, 1496 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
5 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “Molecular Description of Carbon Graphite and Crystal Cubic Carbon Structures”, Canadian Journal of Chemistry, 2017, Vol 95, NO 6 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
6 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “COMPUTING TOPOLOGICAL INDICES OF CERTAIN NETWORKS” Journal of Optoelectronics and Advanced Materials, Vol. 18, No.9-10, Sep-Oct 2016, pages 884-892 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
7 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “On Topological Properties of Symmetric Chemical Structures” Symmetry, 10(5), 173, 2018 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
8 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “General Fifth M-Zagreb Indices and Fifth M-Zagreb Polynomials of Crystal Cubic Carbon” Utilitas Mathematica, volume 109, November 2018, 263-270 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
9 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “Title: Rainbow and “Strong Rainbow Connection Number for Some Families of Graphs” Latin American Applied Research, Vol. 48, No. 4, in October, 2018 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
10 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “Eccentricity Based Topological Indices of Cyclic Octahedron Structure”, Mathematics, 2018, 6, 141 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
11 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “Topological Properties of Crystallographic Structure of Molecules”, Symmetry, 2018, 10(7), 265 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
12 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “MOLECULAR DESCRIPTION OF COPPER (I) OXIDE AND COPPER (II) OXIDE”, Química Nova, Vol. 41, No. 8, 874-879, 2018, 2018. Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
13 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “Cohen-Macaulay Monomial Ideals with given Radical”, Journal of Pure and Applied Algebra, Volume 214, Issue 10, Oct 2010, Pages 1812-1817 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
14 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “Cohen-Macaulay Monomial Ideals of Codimension 2”, Manuscripta Mathimatica, Volume 127, 533-545(2008) Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
15 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “CLASSES OF SIMPLICIAL COMPLEXES WHICH ADMIT NONTRIVIAL COHEN-MACAUALY MODIFICATIONS”, Studia Scientiarum Mathematicarum Hungarica, Volume 52, Issue 4, Pages 423-433 2015 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
16 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “On vertex covering number of rotationally-symmetric graphs”, Utilitas Math, Volume 97, Pages 295-307, 2015 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
17 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “Degree-Distance Based Topological Indices of Crystal Cubic Carbon Structure” Atoms, 4, 62, 2018 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
18 Dr. Muhammad Naeem ZERO-SUM FLOW NUMBER OF SOME GRID GRAPHS”, Open Journal of Discrete Applied Mathematics, Vol. 1(2018), Issue 1, pp. 16-25 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
19 Dr. Muhammad Naeem “Topological Properties of 2-Dimensional Silicon-Carbons” IEEE ACCESS, 2018, 6, 59362-59373 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
20 Dr. Muhammad Naeem Computing Eccentricity Based Topological Indices of Octagonal Grid, Mathematics, 2018, 6, 153 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)
21 Dr. Muhammad Naeem New and Modified Eccentric Indices of Octagonal Grid, Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Sciences 1(3), (2018) 1–20 Faculty Mathematics (Pakpattan)