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S.No Profile Title Type Department
1 Dr. Zaman Khan Molecular Basis of Cd+2 Stress Response in Candida tropicalis Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff
2 Dr. Zaman Khan Biosorption behavior and proteomic analysis of Escherichia coli P4 under cadmium stress Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff
3 Dr. Zaman Khan Cadmium resistance and uptake by bacterium, Salmonella enterica 43C, isolated from industrial effluent Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff
4 Dr. Zaman Khan Resistance and uptake of cadmium by yeast, Pichia hampshirensis 4Aer, isolated from industrial effluent and its potential use in decontamination of wastewater Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff
5 Dr. Zaman Khan Biogenic Synthesis, Characterization of Silver Nanoparticles Using Multani mitti (Fullers Earth), Tomato (Solanum lycopersicum) seeds, Rice Husk (Oryza sativa) and Evaluation of their Potential Antimicrobial Activity Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff
6 Dr. Zaman Khan Cadmium resistance mechanism in Escherichia coli P4 and its potential use to bioremediate environmental cadmium Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff
7 Dr. Zaman Khan Evaluation of Cadmium Resistant Bacterium, Klebsiella pneumoniae, Isolated from Industrial Wastewater for its Potential Use to Bioremediate Environmental Cadmium Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff
8 Dr. Zaman Khan Evaluation of Antioxidant potential and comparative analysis of Antimicrobial activity of Various Extracts of Cucurbita pepo L Leaves Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff
9 Dr. Zaman Khan Isolation, characterization, and multiple heavy metal-resistant and hexavalent chromium-reducing Microbacterium testaceum B-HS2 from tannery effluent Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff
10 Dr. Zaman Khan Isolation and characterization of Bacillus amyloliquefaciens 6A: A novel kerosene oil degrading bacterium Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff
11 Dr. Zaman Khan Degradation of azo dyes by Alcaligenes aquatilis 3c and its potential use in the wastewater treatment. Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff
12 Dr. Zaman Khan Cadmium induces GAPDH and MDH mediated delayed cell aging and dysfunction in Candida tropicalis Faculty UIMLT-Academic Staff