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S.No Profile Title Type Department
1 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi 9. Community perception regarding Dengue Epidemic in Lahore, Pakistan. Faculty UIPH-Teachers
2 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi An investigation into the prevalence of water borne diseases in relation to microbial estimation of potable water in the community residing near River Ravi, Lahore, Pakistan. Faculty UIPH-Teachers
3 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi 8. Isolation and Identification of Soil Mycoflora from Two Different Brassica campestris L Fields. Faculty UIPH-Teachers
4 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi Sero-surveillance of dengue in the city Lahore, Pakistan. Faculty UIPH-Teachers
5 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi The distribution of Aedes aegypti (diptera, culicidae) in eight selected parks of Lahore, using oviposition traps during rainy season. Faculty UIPH-Teachers
6 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi Seasonal and spatial quantitative changes in Aedes aegypti under distinctly different ecological areas of Lahore, Pakistan Faculty UIPH-Teachers
7 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi Assessment of Rehabilitation Practices and outcomes: A case study on mentally ill patients in Rehabilitation Unit of Punjab Institute of Mental Health, Lahore, Pakistan. Faculty UIPH-Teachers
8 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi Distribution and Seasonality of Horizontally Transmitted Dengue Viruses in Aedes Mosquitoes in a Metropolitan City Lahore, Pakistan Faculty UIPH-Teachers
9 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi An Assessment of the Prevalence of Household Food Insecurity in Pre-school Children in Various Income Levels in Rural Areas of Punjab, Pakistan Faculty UIPH-Teachers
10 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi Assessment of the knowledge of Households about Dengue Fever in a Rural Community Faculty UIPH-Teachers
11 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi 5. Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Household Contacts in Tuberculosis patients in Dots Implemented Tertiary Care setting Faculty UIPH-Teachers
12 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi 2. Effect of Socio-Demographic and Gestational Status on the Development of Iron Deficiency Anemia in Pregnant Women. Faculty UIPH-Teachers
13 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi 3. An Assessment of Relationship Between Arsenic in Drinking Water, Health Status and Intellectual Functioning of Children in District Kasur Faculty UIPH-Teachers
14 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi 4. Evaluation of direct Sputum microscopy by Z-N staining method as a screening test in the diagnosis of Pulmonary Tuberculosis in Dots Implemented Tertiary Care setting Faculty UIPH-Teachers
15 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi 6. Health Status and Hygiene Practices in Slums: A Case Study of Lahore, Pakistan Faculty UIPH-Teachers
16 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi 7. Hospital waste management plan implementation in health care facilities in the district Narowal, Pakistan Faculty UIPH-Teachers
17 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi 10 A Study of Hygienic Practices in Secondary Level Students of the Quetta City Faculty UIPH-Teachers
18 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi 11. Indigenous practices of mothers in acute diarrhea in children under five years of age in peri-urban areas of southern Punjab Faculty UIPH-Teachers
19 Ejaz Mahmood Ahmad Qureshi 12. Predicting dengue outbreak in the metropolitan city Lahore, Pakistan, usingdengue vector indices and selected climatological variables as predictors. Faculty UIPH-Teachers