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S.No Profile Title Type Department
1 Dr. Muhammad Ali Mohsin Photophysical Investigations of Carmoisine Interacting with Conventional Cationic Surfactants Under Different pH Condition Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
2 Dr. Muhammad Ali Mohsin Influence of Mn-doping on the photocatalytic and solar cell efficiency of CuO nanowires Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
3 Dr. Muhammad Ali Mohsin Cellular-membrane inspired surface modification of well aligned ZnO nanorods for chemosensing of epinephrine Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
4 Dr. Muhammad Ali Mohsin Palladium catalyzed Heck-Mizoroki and Suzuki-Miyaura coupling reactions Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
5 Dr. Muhammad Ali Mohsin New strategy for the in situ synthesis of single-crystalline MnWO4/TiO2 photocatalysts for efficient and cyclic photodegradation of organic pollutants. Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
6 Dr. Muhammad Ali Mohsin New insight into the electrochemistry of mercury sulfide layers on a mercury electrode Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
7 Dr. Muhammad Ali Mohsin The Study on the Properties of Self-Assembled Bimolecular Layers at the Gold Electrode with Incorporated Calixarenes for Dopamine and Epinephrine Detection Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
8 Dr. Muhammad Ali Mohsin Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy for Assessing the Recognition of Cytochrome c by Immobilized Calixarenes Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
9 Dr. Muhammad Ali Mohsin Complexation of cytochrome c with calixarenes incorporated into the lipid vesicles and supported membranes Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
10 Dr. Muhammad Ali Mohsin Synthesis and characterization of some novel thermally stable poly(amide–imide)s. Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)