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1 Dr. Muhammad Amin Mefenamic Acid Conjugates Based on a Hydrophilic Biopolymer Hydroxypropylcellulose: Novel Prodrug Design, Characterization and Thermal Analysis Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
2 Dr. Muhammad Amin Green Synthesis, Thermal Analysis and Degradation Kinetics of Cross-Linked Potato Starch Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
3 Dr. Muhammad Amin Multiple cross-linked hydroxypropylcellulose– succinate–salicylate: prodrug design, characterization, stimuli responsive swelling– deswelling and sustained drug release Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
4 Dr. Muhammad Amin Cellulose ether derivatives: a new platform for prodrug formation of fluoroquinolone antibiotics Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
5 Dr. Muhammad Amin Sodium hyroxyethylcellulose adipate: An efficient and reusable sorbent for cadmium uptake from spiked high-hardness ground water Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
6 Dr. Muhammad Amin Macromolecular prodrugs of aspirin with HPMC: A nano particulate drug design, characterization, pharmacokinetic studies. Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
7 Dr. Muhammad Amin Hydroxypropylcellulose-aceclofenac conjugates: high covalent loading design, structure characterization, nano-assemblies and thermal kinetics Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
8 Dr. Muhammad Amin Enhancement of naringenin solution concentration by solid dispersion in cellulose derivative matrices Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
9 Dr. Muhammad Amin Novel high-loaded, nanoparticulate and thermally stable macromolecular prodrug design of NSAIDs based on hydroxypropylcellulose Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
10 Dr. Muhammad Amin Succinate-bonded pullulan: An efficient and reusable super-sorbent for cadmium-uptake from spiked high-hardness groundwater Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
11 Dr. Muhammad Amin Extended release and enhanced bioavailability of moxifloxacinconjugated with hydrophilic cellulose ethers Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
12 Dr. Muhammad Amin Comparative Isoconversional Thermal Analysis and Degradation Kinetics of Acetylated Mimosa Pudica (Touch-Me-Not) Hydrogel Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
13 Dr. Muhammad Amin Green synthesis, and isoconversional thermal analysis of HPMC acetate: A potent matrix for drug delivery Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
14 Dr. Muhammad Amin Designing novel bioconjugates of hydroxyethyl cellulose andsalicylates for potential pharmaceutical and pharmacologicalapplications Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
15 Dr. Muhammad Amin Glucuronoxylan-mediated silver nanoparticles: green synthesis, antimicrobial and wound healing applications Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
16 Dr. Muhammad Amin Synthesis of Biologically Active Nickelocenyl-Amino Acid Conjugates Using 1,3-Dipolar Cycloaddition Click Reactions Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
17 Dr. Muhammad Amin Design of cellulose ether-based macromolecular prodrugs of ciprofloxacin for extended release and enhanced bioavailability Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
18 Dr. Muhammad Amin Lipase-catalyzed green synthesis of starch–maleate monoesters and its characterization Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
19 Dr. Muhammad Amin Acetylation of linseed hydrogel: Synthesis, characterization, isoconversional thermal analysis and degradation kinetics Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
20 Dr. Muhammad Amin Thermal Analysis and Degradation Kinetics of Dextran and Highly Substituted Dextran Acetates Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
21 Dr. Muhammad Amin Flurbiprofen conjugates based on hydroxyethylcellulose: Synthesis, characterization, pharmaceutical and pharmacological applications Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)
22 Dr. Muhammad Amin Design, characterization and pharmaceutical/ pharmacological applications of ibuprofen conjugates based on hydroxyethylcellulose Faculty Chemistry (Sargodha)