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Dr. Sami Ullah

Dr. Sami Ullah

Associate Professor
Chemistry (Sargodha)
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Professionally, Dr. Sami is a teacher as well as researcher having doctorate degree in the field of Chemistry. During M Phil & PhD studies he had spent a golden span of life (2005-2010) in learning atmosphere of GCU Lahore. In 2011 he started the first university job in his own Alma Matter GCU. Later on, HEC Pakistan appointed him at Chemistry Department, University of Gujarat, Pakistan, where he served as an assistant professor till 2015. Here at UOL he is working since August, 2015. As an associate professor his core expertise is in the field of natural products isolation and bioassay guided investigation of natural sources to obtain potent antimicrobial, antioxidant and anti-tumor active agents. In 2010 a fellowship was awarded to him, as a short term research scholar at Department of chemistry, Virginia Tech State University USA. During his stay in states, he learned some phytochemical extraction techniques and performed anticancer bioassays along with utilization of various chemical characterization tools. According to his research vision, it’s possible to see the flora of Pakistan being acknowledged as a major and superb source for investigators, manufacturers and suppliers of anti-cancer drugs and other pharmaceutical units. He firmly believe that commercial base, isolation of natural products from medicinally important plant species, certainly is a good practice to enhance the economic as well as health standards in Pakistan. He has a passion to facilitate the UOL scholars regarding their studies and research therefore he also has extended the research interests to some more relevant issues such as: a) organic synthesis of drugs, b) utilization of plant species in the area of nanoscience c) effects of some  industrial effluents on environment as well as natural sources.

Dr Sami is really a polite teacher having decent personality along with his network of social links at country level.