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Dr. Imran Munir

Dr. Imran Munir

Head of Department
School of Creative Arts
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Dr. Imran Munir is a renowned academician, writer, journalist, researcher, media critic and intellectual. He has completed his PhD from Faculty of Communication, Art, and Technology, Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada. He has completed his double masters from Punjab University Lahore and Simon Fraser University (SFU) respectively. He has served at different noteworthy positions during his career of which serving the Institute of Social and Cultural studies (ISCS), University of Punjab is the recent one. He has also contributed as a researcher for UNESCO-THAAP (Trust for History, Art, and Architecture, Pakistan) and as arch Advisor: Cultural Diversity and Ethnic Media in British Columbia Report for the Department of Canadian Heritage, Government of Canada, and Western Region. He holds vast field experience as a journalist, senior staff reporter, field producer and senior correspondent for both international and national media outlets. Dr. Imran Munir’s contribution towards academic research is immense with a major focus on Media, Politics, Democracy, Gender Violence and Religion. He has also co-authored a number of books and coordinated film festivals. During his academic and professional career, Dr. Imar Munir has been the recipient of various awards.

He has had extensive work experience in media and journalism since 1986. His academic research and writings have focused on social movements, religion, democracy, fundamentalism, and political communication. His thesis is a brilliant analysis of the struggles for democratic communication in the complex and compelling development of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan. This work addresses an urgent and critical geopolitical issue and is poised to have a substantial and enduring influence on understandings of how social movements instigate and direct social and political change in Muslim countries.