Dr. Faryal Chaudhry

Assistant Professor

Mathematics and Statistics


Dr. Faryal Chaudhry is working as an Assistant Professor in The University of Lahore,defence road campus since Feb 2016. She did her  PhD Mathematics (2013-2016) and Mphil (2011-2013) from Abdus Salam School of Mathematical Sciences, GCU Lahore. Her areas of interests are computational Algebra and graph theory. She published 28 research articles in prestigious HEC recognized journal's. She also supervised 20 M.phil students and 2 P.hD students.


SrNo. Year Degree Board/University
1 2013-2016 PhD ASSMS
2 2011-2013 Mphil ASSMS


SrNo. From To Category Designation Organization
1 Feb 2016 till now Assistant Professor UOL
2 2-2-2016 ongoing Professional Experience Assistant professor uol


SrNo. Title
1 transportation of marangoni convention with dust particles random motion in flow of hybrid nanomaterials
2 Investigation on Boron Alpha Nanotube by Studying Their M-Polynomial and Topological Indices
3 On computation of M-polynomial and topological indices of starphene graph.
4 m polynomials and Degree based topological indices of tadpole graph
5 Degree based topological indices of tadpole graph via M-polynomial
6 On some characterization of nerly Hall S-semienbedded subgroups of finite groups
7 On some cSome new degree based topological indices of h-naphtalenic graph via M-polynomial approach haracterization of nerly Hall S-semienbedded subgroups of finite groups
8 "Computational analysis of new degree-based descriptors of Zig-Zag Benzenoid system.
9 Degree-based entropy of molecular structure of HAC5C7 [P, Q]
10 On topological aspects of silicate network using M- polynomial
11 on certain products of complex intuitionstic fuzzy graph
12 opological analysis of zigzag-edge coronoid graph by using M-polynomial
13 Topological indices of the system of generalized prisms via M-Polynomial approach
14 M-Polynomials and Degree-Based Topological Indices of the Molecule Copper (I) Oxide
15 Calculating the topological indices of Starphene graph via M-polynomial approach
16 "Investigation of dendrimer structures by means of reverse atomic bond connectivity index
17 "Thermal and concentration convection in nanofluids for peristaltic flow of magneto couple stress fluid in a nonuniform channel."""
18 "Computing M-polynomial and topological indices of TUHRC4 molecular graph."
19 Study of some topological invariants of subdivided mk graphs
20 Right zero divisor graph of 2× 2 matrices over Z 3." Journal of Information and Optimization Sciences
21 "Reverse Zagreb and reverse hyper-Zagreb indices for crystallographic structure of molecules.
22 On the left zero divisor graph of 3× 3 matrices over Z2."
23 Effects of Homogeneous and Heterogeneous Chemical Features on Oldroyd-B Fluid Flow between Stretching Disks with Velocity and Temperature Boundary Assumptions
24 On The Generalized Binomial Edge Ideals of Generalized Block Graphs
25 Hankel ideals of 2-minors associated with pairs of proper intervals graphs
26 On binomial edge Ideal of block Graphs
27 , Binomial edge ideals and rational normal scrolls



SrNo. Year Awarding Organization Description
1 2016 ASSMS Research Quality Award


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