Dr. Khalid Rashid

Assistant Professor



Since birth it had been desire to be on the supporting and helping for which first choice of mine had been Army due to certain reasons I couldn’t join, as a substitute joined Education Department. Started career from Technical Education work there from 1974 to 1979 as an Instructor. There after switched over to General Education joined a Lecturer and an initiator of Department of Education at Government College Mianwali. Got inducted in Government College of Education for Science Township lahore. Currently, University of education learned to developed the Curricula got the affiliation manage for the conduct of Board of studies meeting during the stay revise the curricula 3 times, did learn to make the P.C 1 for the planning schemes for boosting up the college. Worked on Government assigned A.D.P schemes for conduct the research very first research I undertook was for World Bank where in my consultants work Mr. L.K Malika and Dr.Sheikh Moeiz-Ur-Din. There after I went for the accomplishment of my PhD with the University of Punjab. I was lucky enough to be interested with a scholarship but couldn’t avail due to my mothers’ illness. My teachers at Punjab University polished me to prove as a fruitful citizen and a good teacher by exploiting the knowledge in writing in parted to me. I had a chance to work and write 18 manuscripts on education and its Allied areas including ethics. Earlier, I had writing in Daily like Pakistan Times, Kuwait Times, Canadian Times and Gulf Times. I did write for Radio Pakistan for the program university round up did act as the compare. I have been making over the times. To be a visiting Professor to variety of Universities and also been my credit like University of the Punjab, University of Education, Beacon House, UMT, Minhaj University etc. I have the owner to work for and effectuating the schemes of the development of the colleges as well as the institutions in Government sector like Government of Education for Men Township Lahore, Government College of Women for Physical Education Department, and University of the Punjab etc. I did conduct the researches supported by Donor Agencies and Government of the Punjab while working with UNISEF. I ran a part of a project “In The Name of Step” while working with the University of Education. Research had been mine area of concern throughout my teaching life. I supervised novelty of topics in education Physical Education and Home economics etc. In the last I would conclude by saying the teaching to M.Phil and PhD to the satisfaction of my students and superiors and also been my credit which still continued.


SrNo. Year Degree Board/University
1 1998 Ph.D University of the Punjab
4 1973 M.A Allama Iqbal Open University
6 1967 F.Sc Lahore, Board
7 1965 Matric Lahore, Board


SrNo. From To Category Designation Organization
1 1974 1978 Instructor technical Teachers Training College, Faisalabad
2 1979 1980 Lecturer Government Degree College, Mianwali
3 1980 1991 Lecturer Government College of Education for science, Towns
4 1995 2003 Assistant Professor/Registrar Government F.C.Collge, Lahore
5 2003 2005 Prof and Manager training Programs University of Education, Lahore
6 2005 2007 Principal National English School, Kuwait
7 2007 2009 Additional Director University of Education, Lahore
8 2009 Director Academics (Incharge UE franchise Schools)
9 2009 10 Feb Consultant Canada Pakistan Basic Education Project
10 2010 Feb August 30 2015 Associate professor Education UMT
11 Sep 2015 to date Academic Experience Assistant Professor The University of Lahore


SrNo. Title
1 A study of parents satisfaction regarding corporate culture at universities in Punjab
2 The Role of Rehabilitation Exercises on Weight Functional Strength and Exercise
3 Effect of Characteristics and Physical Exercises on Elementary School Teachers Job Satisfaction,
4 Academic Roles of Educational Leaders for Quality Learning Environment in the Public and Private Universities at Lahore
5 Academic Roles of Educational Leaders for Quality Learning Environment in the Public and Private Universities at Lahore, Annals of King Edward Medical University,
6 Leadership Styles of Medical Professionals, Annals of King Edward Medical University,
7 Study of Effectiveness of Teaching Science through Traditional Method and Hands on Activities
8 Effects of Rational Decision-Making Style of Secondary School Heads’ on Teachers’ Performance.
9 B.A Part 1,2
10 F.a Part 1,2
11 Education Book for Class 9
12 Book for Class 6
13 Effects of sports on social behavior of university students.
14 Relationship between psychological wellbeing and exercise.
15 Identification of leadership styles traits and competencies of secondary school heads.
16 Higher secondary level student’s perceptions about education system of Pakistan.
17 Neoliberalism and sports: Role of universities of Lahore.
18 Role of vitamin D3 supplement as an ergogenic aid for bone and muscle health of powerlifters from punjab, Pakistan.
19 Effect of anxiety on athlete’s performance (A case study).
20 Quality of teaching & learning at directorate of staff development (DSD) in the punjab province:
21 Practices of stress management adopted by university students.
22 A study of teaching and displaying ethics by the teachers.
23 ). Investigation of pedagogical beliefs of secondary school english teachers working at public schools of lahore and kasur.
24 Students teachers attitudes towards inclusion in Pakistan,
25 Perception of students about classroom management as a contributing factor towards Learning at Secondary School.,
26 “Pre-School Attendees and Non-Preschool Attendees Academic Achievement and Social Skills”,
27 “Social Networking Sites And Mobile Phones”“Social Networking Sites And Mobile Phones”
28 Leadership Qualitties of Head Teacher at Secondary Level as viewed by the teachers in Private Sector in Pakistan.
29 “Impact Of Entrepreneurial Curriculum And Co-Curriculum Activities On Entrepreneurial Leadership Development Among Female University Students In Pakistan”,
30 Leadership behavior and organizational commitment: An empirical study of educational professional faculty of management sciences, International Islamic University, Islamabad
31 Student’s casual attribution towards their success and failure in examination at post graduate level;




SrNo. From - To Title Organization
1 1972 - to date member Anjuman-e -Fazleen

Courses Taught

SrNo. Type Title University Semester
2 M.Phill PRACTICUM IN EDUCATIONAL RESEARCH-PED-3 The university of lahore Fall
3 Ph.D ACADEMIC WRITING-DPE-2CORE The university of lahore Fall
4 M.phil Comparative Teacher Education UNIVERSITY OF LAHORE Fall
5 M.phil Educational Measurement and Evaluation UNIVERSITY OF LAHORE Fall
6 Ph.D Quality Assurance in Education UNIVERSITY OF LAHORE Fall

Project Supervisor



SrNo. Title Authors Year Publisher
1 B.A Part 1,2 Dr. Khalid Rashid,, 2017 Maktaba Karwan Anarkali
2 F.a Part 1,2 Dr. Khalid Rashid,, 2017
3 Education Book for Class 9 Dr. Khalid Rashid,, 2017 Board of Curriculum & Text Book Board
4 Book for Class 6 Dr. Khalid Rashid,, 2017 Board of Curriculum & Text Book Board

Research Fundings

Extracurricular Activities

SrNo. Hobbies Interests

Languages and Skills

SrNo. Langues Skills
1 English, Urdu • Computer Literate M.S word, Power Point
2 English, Urdu, Punjabi Excellent communication ski • Driving full current clean driving license
3 English • Research can guide in identifying the problem up
4 Punjabi • Illustration can illustrate the happening or the
5 Urdu • Management can chalk out the plans, organize and

Active Collabrations

Consulting Experience

SrNo. From - To Post Held Organization
1 2013 - todate External Examiner NACTE
2 2009 - 2014 Research Facilator UNIVERSITY OF Education
3 2013 - 2014 Study Writer UMT