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Prof. Dr. Nazar Ullah Raja

Prof. Dr. Nazar Ullah Raja

Head of Department
UIMLT-Academic Staff
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Nazar Ullah Raja earned his PhD degree entitled “Inducible Acid Resistance in Escherichia coli” in Microbiology from  the University College  London, UK in 1992. Prof. Raja was appointed as the Head of the Department  at  University Institute of Medical Lab Technology (UIMLT) , Faculty of Allied Health Sciences,  University of Lahore,  in 2015.  Before joining UOL, Prof. Raja served as Consultant at ASM Lab Cap, Pakistan, from 16th Oct 2014 to Dec 2015. He served as Consultant Clinical Microbiologist (2005 - 2014) and as an Associate Consultant Microbiologist (2003 - 2005) at Shifa International Hospital Islamabad (SIH)  and an Assistant Professor at Shifa  School of Nursing, Islamabad. He received   fellowship of  MRCPath Trainee from the Royal College of Pathologists, UK (2001 - 2003) at North Middlesex University Hospital, London. Prof. Raja also served as Quality Control Coordinator and Instructor Microbiology at SIH and Shifa School of Medical Technology respectively.

Under his leadership, UIMLT has pursued initiatives to enhance undergraduate, graduate and professional education and instill spirit of motivation for research in the emerging critical fields of Medical Lab Technology. In addition, to inculcate enterprising skills in students and to promote professional growth  among the faculty members, Prof.  Raja has arranged   numerous  workshops, seminars, conferences and lectures  on various  subjects in UIMLT platform. 

Prof.  Raja is a recipient of a number of awards, including: East-West  Centre Scholarship, USA 1982-1984, British Council Scholarship 1982-1983, 2nd Prof Habib Gold Medal in 1993, Charles Wallace Trust (Pakistan) Grant in 1989-1990, Overseas Research Student (ORS) Award U.K in  1987 - 1990,  Society for General Microbiology Conference Grant 1989, Hawaii Natural Energy Institute Grant,  won over 11 years of SIH service Medal and appreciation gift of Rs 50,000/-. He   has also been the member of Editorial Board, Infectious Diseases Journal of Pakistan, GIZ/WHO, Pandemic Preparedness Programme.

He has also conducted various  workshops including “Diagnosis of Fungal Infections in a Clinical Laboratory” at Shifa International Hospitals, Islamabad, in collaboration with AKUH/IDSP on 15th September, 2012.  “Mycology and Infectious Diseases” at Shifa International Hospitals, Islamabad, in collaboration with AFIP/SIH/IDSP, 2011. “TB” at Shifa International Hospitals, Islamabad, in collaboration with SIH/IDSP, 2011. “Parasitology and Infectious Diseases” at Shifa International Hospitals, Islamabad, in collaboration with AKUH/SIH/IDSP, 1st August 2009. “Practical applications of Plant Tissue Culture and Genetic Engineering” held at NARC, Islamabad, 1st – 3rd June 1999.

An avid writer, Prof.  Raja has written 8 books and more than 22 national and international professional publications.  His areas of expertise are Clinical Microbiology and Hospital Infection Control.