Prof. Dr. Ashfaq Ahmad

Dean, Allied Health Sciences






SrNo. Title
2 Prevalence of Low Back Pain in Computer Users of Lahore, Pakistan
3 Update on the genotyping distribution, epidemiology and associated risk factors in inflammatory disorder in adult subjects: A cross-sectional study
4 Continuous professional development among undergraduate students of physical therapy in Pakistan
5 Association of school bag weight & carriage style with shoulder pain among middle school students
6 Frequency of Plantar Fasciitis Among Traffic Wardens of Lahore
7 The validity and reliability of a sphygmomanometer in Assessing Isometric Muscle Strength of Shoulder Flexors and Abductors
8 Self-confidence in students of physical therapy to perform orthopaedic special tests for hip and knee joint
9 Prevalence of occupational low back pain and its association with job duration and working hours among nurses working in hospital , Lahore
10 Knowledge, perception, and attitude of pregnant women towards the role of physical therapy in antenatal care: a cross sectional study in Lahore, Pakistan
11 Effectiveness of core stability with and without neck extension on pain intensity and functional disability in patients with chronic low back pain
12 Effectiveness of Pelvic floor muscle training versus Pfilates exercise program to treat stress urinary incontinence in females: A randomized control trial
13 Prevalence of Low Back Pain Among Hospital Nursing Staff
14 Effect of constraint induced therapy on upper extremity with vibration therapy in hemiplegic cerebral palsy
15 Frequency of pain in elbow, wrist and hand among farmers during harvesting
16 Changes in gait parameters during multi-tasking in healthy young individuals using GAITRite system
17 Association of working hours and experience with thumb pain in physical therapists
18 Prevalence of cell phone elbow among young adults
19 Prevalance of work-related upper back and thoracic pain among health care professionals Lahore, Pakistan
20 Prevalence of flat foot among young adults and its relation with body mass index
21 Impact of foot function in healthcare professionals with flat foot: a cross sectional study
22 Frequency of low back and neck pain among female drivers
23 Frequency of jumper's knee in male basketball players
24 Depression among day scholars and hostellites; A comparative cross sectional survey
25 Effect of diabetes associated complications on quality of life in patients with type 2 diabetes
26 Fear of fall among geriatric population
27 Prevalence of patellofemoral pain disorder or anterior knee pain in both genders ages between 18-35
28 Association of length and muscle strength of thumb with thumb pain among manual physical therapists
29 Quantitative comparison of handgrip strength between cardiac patients and age matched healthy controls using a handheld dynamometer
30 Association between neck pain and functional disability among nurses
31 Frequency of Neck Pain Due to School Bag Usage among Students of Public High Schools in Lahore, Pakistan
32 Prevalence of Musculoskeletal Hip Pain among Health-Care professionals of Lahore: A cross-sectional Study
34 Prevalence of musculoskeletal pain in traffic police wardens of Lahore, Pakistan
35 Prevalence of piriformis syndrome among university of Lahore male students
36 Musculoskeletal pain and discomfort among medical students of University of Lahore, Pakistan
37 Frequency of growing pains among children of Lahore, Pakistan
38 Prevalence of neck pain in goldsmiths
39 Prevalence of Shoulder Pain Among School Teachers of Lahore, Pakistan
40 Correlation Between Shoulder Pain and Functional Disability among Nurses
41 Association among shoulder pain, working hours and device usage in male bankers, Lahore, Pakistan
42 Association of pain intensity with quality of life and functional disability in university students with lumbago
43 Prevalence of upper extremity pain among traffic police, Lahore, Pakistan
44 Comparison of Restricted Movement Pattern among Patients of Idiopathic, Diabetic and Traumatic Adhesive Capsulitis
45 Reliability of musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging to measure supraspinatus tendon thickness in heakthy subjects
46 Association of physical activity and satisfaction with life Among dpt students of azra naheed medical college, Lahore, pakistan
47 Effectiveness of Conservative Physical Therapy Treatment with and Without Diaphragmatic Strengthening Exercises in Non-Specific Low Back Pain
48 Frequency of non-traumatic anterior knee pain in secondary School students
49 Frequency and severity of insomnia in chronic low back pain
50 Prevalence of neck pain among undergraduate dtudents of Lahore
51 Prevalence of work related neck pain in computer operators
52 Effect of low level laser therapy on partical tear of supraspinatus tendon
53 prevalence of work related elbow pain among allied heathcare providers a cross – sectional study
54 association with neck pain with use of andriod phone and its daily usage among students of universsities of Lahore
55 Effectiveness of routine physical therapy with and without eccentric loading training for the rehabilitation of rotator cuff tendinopathy
56 Frequency of migraine in students of university of lahore
57 prevalence , risk factors, description and intensity of neck pain in sewing machine operators




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