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Dr. Tabbasum Naz

Dr. Tabbasum Naz

Associate professor
DCS - Academic Staff
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Dr. Tabbasum Naz is currently working as Associate Professor at the Department of Computer Science and Information Technology, University of Lahore (UoL), Lahore, Pakistan from 2015.

From April, 2018, Dr. Naz has worked as a research associate at Knowledge Media Institute, The Open University, Milton Keynes, United Kingdom on Up2U European Union’s Horizon 2020 Project. The main focus of creation of Up2Universe, is to develop an innovative digital ecosystem that can facilitate a more effective usage of digital content in the classrooms and beyond. Aim of Up2U is to develop a toolkit that will be sustainable and teachers and students can make good use of it in the long run. As a part of KMi, she was involved in the module related to user experience principles, pedagogical basis and technical integration of Up2U services relating to storage, authentication, content creation, sharing, access and discovery, and communication with the Up2U Smart Learning Environment based on Moodle. The services include the Up2U Single Sign-On system, the Moodle learning environment, CERNbox ownCloud-based storage, the SWAN interactive notebook platform, the eduOER and DSpace repositories and the SeLCont, Knockplop and Personal Recorder video services. Moreover, blockchain badges for next generation digital learning environment have been developed as an extension of Up2U.

Before joining the UoL, Dr. Naz was working as a Senior Research Officer at School of Computer Science and Electronic Engineering, University of Essex. At University of Essex, she has worked on a project " Innovative tools to enable exploration of complex and specialised data sets". Aim of the project was to investigate how semantic web technologies can be used for patent search. As a part of University of Essex, she worked in the health care domain with project partner Lingauamatics, an award winning software house in Cambridge.

From 2014-2015, she has worked as a post-doctorate researcher on different projects given below at Governance Risk and Compliance Technology Centre, University College Cork, Ireland.

  • Regulatory Compliance Interpretation Methodology (RIM)
  • Regulatory Compliance Information System (RIS)
  • Regulatory Compliance Knowledge Management Systems (RKMS)

As a part of GRCTC, she was providing semantic technology-based solutions for GRC in the financial industry. The research projects were focused on the central theme of regulatory compliance. She was also providing services in the domain of Knowledge Engineering, Semantics of Business Vocabulary and Rules and operational risk ontology modeling for the development of regulatory compliance information system.

From 2010-2014, she worked as Assistant professor at Department of Computer Science, COMSATS, Lahore, Pakistan.

From 2009 to 2010, she joined Cork Constraint Computation Centre, University College Cork, Cork, Ireland for one-year post-doctorate on GeoDI-Geological & Geophysical Data Integration project. During post-doctorate her research was about Ontology based ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) for marine geoscientific data.

Dr. Naz joined Vienna University of Technology, Vienna, Austria for PhD in 2005. She completed her PhD in 2009 and her PhD dissertation is in the area of Configurable Meta-search in the Human Resource Domain. She has also worked as visiting researcher at London Knowledge Lab, University of London, London, United Kingdom in 2008.

Her research interests include

  • Semantic Web
  • Blockchain
  • LinkedChains
  • ETL (Extract Transform and Load) Tools
  • Web Data Extraction and Integration
  • Schema/Data Matching and Integration
  • Search Engines and Meta-search Engines
  • Wrapper Generation
  • Knowledge Engineering
  • Software Engineering