Mr. Muhammad AbuBakar


Islamic Studies


Muhammad Abu Bakr is a resident of Lahore. He has been teaching at the University of Lahore since 20 years. He has taught in almost all BS programs of University of Lahore like CS, engineering, pharmacy, IMBB, computer engineering ,allied health science, LBS, and  software engineering   . The following subjects are taught by him in different BS programs offered at different times. Among them Islamite, Pakistan Studies, Sociology, Islamic Economics, and Current Affairs. He has obtained MA-MPhil degree from International Islamic University Islamabad and he is currently writing his PhD thesis from University of Lahore, his area of ​​research is Hadith.He is  also  graduate (Fazil-E- Dars-e-Nizami) from Jamia Ashrifa Lahore .He has his research interest in the relevant sociology and current affairs of the Holy Qur'an and hadiths.He has been part of several events, organizations, national conferences. 




SrNo. Year Degree Board/University
2 1999 MA ( Equivalent to MPhil ) international Islamic university Islam Abad
3 1990 d0rah hadith jamia Ashrifia Lahore MA(Equivalent) AS PAR PUNJAB UNIVERSITY NOTIFACATION
5 1992 Takahsus fi uloom al Islamia wal arbia Ulama academy Govt of Punjab Lahore d Lahore badshai masjid
6 1980 Hifz Quran WIfaq
7 1988 Fazil arabi Lahore board
8 1985 Tajedd wal Qirat Lahore


SrNo. From To Category Designation Organization
1 02-05-2002 still dated Academic Experience senior lecture University of Lahore
2 02-05-2002 2007 Academic Experience lecturer University of Lahore
3 2007 2008 Academic Experience lecturer PUCIT University Of The Punjab
4 1-11-2008 still Academic Experience senior lecturer University Of Lahore



SrNo. Year Level City Country Confence
1 2022 international Lahore Pakistan inter national QIRAT CONFRANCE
2 2019 national Lahore Pakistan Research methodology
3 2018 national ISLAM ABAD Pakistan Pluralist society and Islam


SrNo. Year Awarding Organization Description
1 2022 University Of Lahore SHIELD


SrNo. From - To Title Organization
1 2009 - 2015 member academic council University Of Lahore

Courses Taught

SrNo. Type Title University Semester
1 compulsory Islamic culture Hailey college banking and fiancée University of t fall 2003

Project Supervisor


SrNo. From - To Organization Job Description
1 11/26/2009 - 10/30/2015 University Of Lahore COURSE COORDINATOR AND COURSE HEAD
2 08/12/2007 - 02/12/2008 PUCIT University Of The Punjab COURSE HEAD , HEAD EXAMINAR ALL ALL AFFILIATED CO


Research Fundings

Extracurricular Activities

SrNo. Hobbies Interests

Languages and Skills

SrNo. Langues Skills
1 Urdu- English -Punjabi -Pashto brahvi -Arabic

Active Collabrations

Consulting Experience