Dr. Malik Kamran

Assistant Professor

Islamic Studies



             Dr. Malik Kamran is working as an Assistant Professor at the Department of Islamic Studies. He has done his PhD from University of Sargodha (Area of the research was relevant to Uloomul Hadees), MPhil from UCP  Lahore . He is a graduate (Fazil-E- Dars-e-Nizami) from Jamia Muhumdia Lahore. He has also done his specialization in Islamic jurisprudence (Takhassus-Fil- Fiqah). He got first division throughout his educational career.

Dr. Kamran has over 11 year’s experience as a Research Scholar at IRC (Islamic Research Council), Lahore. He also have over 15 year’s experience as a Research Advisor for M.A-MPhil, and PhD level research. He has authored 39 articles(18 + 21 y) on important topics including Islamic Issues. His PhD thesis has also been published. CV of Dr. Malik Kamran is attached. Moreover, he is an HEC approved supervisor.  


SrNo. Year Degree Board/University
1 2019 Ph.D university of Sargodha
2 2013 MS university of central Punjab. Lahore
3 2008 MA university of central Punjab. Lahore
4 2008 MA university of central Punjab. Lahore
5 2010 MA university of central Punjab. Lahore
6 2006 BA wafaqul mdaris salfia Faisalabad
7 2004 FA wafaqul mdaris salfia Faisalabad
8 2004 Matric wafaqul mdaris salfia Faisalabad


SrNo. From To Category Designation Organization
1 January2002 December 2013 Consulting Experience research scholar IRC (Islamic research council ,Lahore)
2 2007 2009 Consulting Experience Sub editor of Monthly Magazine ( Russad) IRC (Islamic research council ,Lahore)
3 2010 2012 Consulting Experience Sub Editor Monthly Journal “Muhaddis” Lahore IRC (Islamic research council ,Lahore)
4 2010 continue Consulting Experience Editor Monthly “TAZKEER” Lahore NA


SrNo. Title
1 Compositional components of human personality and inspired teachings
2 The Evolution of Human Thought in the Light of Previous DivineTeachings
3 Historical and Social Conditions of Banu Hashim and Banu Umayyah and Their Mutual Social Relations
4 The Moderate Nature Of Islamic Shari’ah And Social Impacts Of Religious Asceticism On A Society
5 Religious Other: A systematic review of Contemporary Muslim Discourses for Co-Existence
6 A Review of Freud’s Gender Theory in the Context of Islamic Law
7 Corporate Governance and Earnings Management Practices: Moderating role of Audit Committees
8 A Research Review of the Types of Moral Teachings in the Light of Quran
9 Sale of Assets on Liquidation Basis in Islamic banks
10 Dunia man riej muzarbat ki no kay tjarti triqay
11 critical review of the objections to the miracle of the splitting of the moon
12 Global Concern Of Air Pollution And The Case Of Pakistani Society: An Islamic Perspective On Green Environment
13 Physical Violence and disfiguring in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa: A study in the light of Teachings of anthropometric
14 The Impacts Of Individual’s Tapasya On A Society
15 Human Nature And Sources Of Entertainment In An Islamic Society, An Analytical Study
16 Ahadees e Muslslat ka ikhtsasi mutala
17 Analytical Study of Jurists’ Opinions on Non-Muslim Judicial Testimony
18 The Medical Benefits of Honey in the Current Epidemic Environment in the light of Modern Science and Islamic Teachings
19 -Economic Role of Women in Islamic Perspective: A Critical Review
20 Current Global Warming Prevention in Islamic Perspective: Research Review
21 Is religion primary cause of wars and conflicts
22 methodology and style of tafseer e tseer ul quran in syat e ahkam
23 Science and god,s Existence;Islamic perspective on ideology of new atheism
24 A comparative study of the preference of selected words in urdu quranic
25 principles of muhaddithin in sanad analysis;a research stuty
26 Determining the alah ,s purpose in the phrases and word of the quran
27 Hadith e hsan Ligharihi ki hujjyat our shariat ,jamhoor muhaditheen kay aqwal ki roshni main
28 Influence of Western Civilization on Islamic Societies: An Analysis
29 A study of the spiritual effects on the secrets on the meaning of the deletion
30 islami uqaf ki shary hasiat or wqf proprty act2020 ka jiaza
31 kfalat ka nbwi mnjaj akhtsasi motala
32 urdu kutb e seert man mutdawil gar motbar rwayyat ka tnqeedi jiaza
33 The Tools of Language used in Quran And sunnah
34 A specialized study of ancient and modern images for collecting and transcribing hadith texts
35 Status and nature of meaningful narration in the performance of hadith (analytical study)
36 rwayat e khutbate hujjtul wida ki mrwiyat ki tehqeeq
37 In the light of the argument, differences and arguments of excessive trust in the text of the hadith
38 Determining the Meaning of God in Selected Urdu Translation of the Quran (Comparative Study)
39 A specialized study of the ancient and modern forms of the collection of texts and hadiths




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