Dr. Abdul Rauf Zahid

Assistant Professor

Islamic Studies


Dr. Abdul Rouf Zahid  earned his Ph.D(Islamic Studies) from The University of Punjab,Lahore in 2019. He Completed his Master and M.Phil from Islamia university, Bahawalpur and Graduation from Bahudeen Zikrya University Multan. He Supervised over 50 Ph.D and M.Phil Scholars. He has published research papers in HEC-Pakistan recognized and ABDC ranked journals. He awarded as HEC Ph.D Approved Supervisor. In 2021. He Worked as a Lecturer Islamic Studies in NCBA&E Multan Campus from 2015 to 2020.Currently, he is serving as an Assistant Professor  in Department of Islamic Studies ,The University of Lahore, Pakistan since 2020. You can contact him via Email:abdul.rouf@ais.uol.edu.pk 


SrNo. Year Degree Board/University
1 2019 Ph.D The Punjab University , Lahore.
2 2013 M.Phil Islamia University Bahawalpur.
3 2009 M.A Islamia University Bahawalpur.
4 2007 B.A Bahawdeen Zikrya University, Multan.
5 2005 F.A BISE D.G Khan
6 2003 Metric BISE D.G Khan


SrNo. From To Category Designation Organization
1 2011 2012 Academic Experience Research Scholar IUB BWP
2 2012 2015 Academic Experience Lecturer Bahaudeen Zikrya University Multan.
3 2015 2020 Academic Experience Lecturer NCBA&E Multan Campus.
4 2020 Till Now Academic Experience Assistant Professor The University of Lahore, Lahore.


SrNo. Title
1 Government Intervention in Economic affairs.
2 Curriculum of Religious Educational Boards, Modern Formation and Contemporary challenges.
3 قرآنی عائلی احکامات اور جدید نسائی فکر کا تنقیدی جائزہ
4 Sale of Assets on Liquidation Basis in Islamic Bank
5 کتب تفسیر میں روایات اسباب النزول کی تحقیق و تخریج کا مطالعہ
6 کتب تفاسیر بالرائے میں اسباب النزول کی روایات سے استدلال کا منہج
7 نقد عائشة رضي الله عنها لبعض أحاديث الصحابة وعلاقته بنقد المحدثين والعقلانيين
8 نطق الاشیا الصامۃ من معجزات النبیﷺ الصادقہ
9 دراسۃ اختصاصیہ للصور القدیمۃ والحدیثیۃ لجمع وتدوین متون الحدیث
10 اقتصادی معاملات میں ریاستی مداخلت کا اسلامی تصور:تحقیقی مطالعہ
11 ’’روایات اسباب ا لنزول کے تفسیر ی ادب پر اثرات کا جائزہ‘‘
12 ’’روایات اسباب ا لنزول کے تفسیر ی ادب پر اثرات کا جائزہ‘‘
13 ’’سیاسی و سماجی معاملات میں احساسِ ذمہ داری ۔ سیرۃ النبیﷺ کی روشنی میں تعمیری مطالعہ‘‘


SrNo. Year Level City Country Confence
1 2019 International Lahore Pakistan 3rd International Conference on “Practical Aspects for Welfare State in Seerah Perspective”.
2 2019 International Bahawalpur Pakistan 7th International Seerat Conference ,Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
3 2021 International Multan Pakistan 1st International Seerat Conference , The Women University, Multan.
4 2021 International Lahore Pakistan International Online Conference on SPIRTUALITY & RELIGION , Minhaj University, Lahore.
5 2022 International Bahawalpur Pakistan 8th International Seerat Conference ,Islamia University, Bahawalpur.
6 2022 International Jehlam Pakistan 1st International Seerat Conference Al- Qadir University, Jehlam.
7 2022 International lahore Pakistan 1st International Quran Conference,The University of Lahore, Lahore.
8 2022 International Pishawer Pakistan International Quran Conference,Shaheed Benzir Bhutto University, Pishawar.


SrNo. Year Awarding Organization Description
1 2021 HEC HEC Ph.D Approved Supervisor


Courses Taught

Project Supervisor

SrNo. Title From - To Organization Type
1 M.Phil Supervisor 2015 - 2020 NCBA&E Multan Campus. Regular
2 HEC Ph.D Approved Supervisor 2020 - 2021 The University of Lahore, Lahore. Regular



Research Fundings

Extracurricular Activities

SrNo. Hobbies Interests
1 Research Article reading and Writing Reading, Teaching,Cricket

Languages and Skills

SrNo. Langues Skills
1 English Spoken, Writing , Reading
2 Arabic Spoken, Writing , Reading
3 Urdu Spoken, Writing , Reading

Active Collabrations

Consulting Experience