Prof. Dr. Rabeeya Raoof

Pro-Rector Examination/Dean MS



Dr. Rabeeya Raoof is a Ph.D. in Management Sciences from The University of Lahore (UOL). She is a prolific researcher who has published diverse local and international researches in multidisciplinary fields. She participated in international conferences at Cambridge and Oxford to present her work in the field of Entrepreneurship. Her career comprises of both academic and administrative experience at UOL. Currently, she academically serves as a Professor at Lahore Business School, and administratively as Dean for Faculty of Management Sciences and Pro-Rector Academics, Admissions and Examination. Rabeeya Raoof can be contacted at:  


SrNo. Year Degree Board/University
1 2019 PhD Management The University of Lahore (QS Ranked). Lahore, Pakistan
2 2003 MPhil Management Sciences The University of Lahore (QS Ranked). Lahore, Pakistan
3 1997 Master of Business Administration Quaid-e-Azam University, Islamabad. PK


SrNo. From To Category Designation Organization
1 12/01/2020 till date Academic Experience Professor UOL (Lahore Campus)
2 03/01/2015 Dec 2020 Academic Experience Associate Professor UOL, Isl Campus
3 03/01/2000 March 2015 Academic Experience Assistant Professor UOL, Lhr Campus
4 1998 2000 Academic Experience Lecturer UOL, Isl Campus
5 2019 till date Professional Experience Dean Faculty of Management Sciences UOL, Lhr Campus
6 2018 till date Professional Experience Pro-Rector (Admissions & Examinations) UOL, Lhr Campus
7 2017 till date Professional Experience Pro-Rector (Academics) UOL, ISL Campus
8 2017 till date Professional Experience Director Admissions and Planning UOL, Lhr Campus
9 2015 2016 Professional Experience Controller of Examination UOL, Lhr Campus
10 2010 2011 Professional Experience Director Student Affairs UOL, Lhr Campus
11 2004 2010 Professional Experience Assistant Director, LBS UOL, Lhr Campus


SrNo. Title
1 The Impact of Stakeholder’s Pressure on the Implementation of CSR Practices in Pakistan
2 The Impact of Organizational Characteristics on the Employee Entrepreneurial Orientation with mediating role of Knowledge Process Capabilities and Moderating role of Psychological Factors in the era of COVID-19
3 Enterprise Resource Planning, Entrepreneurial Orientation, and The Performance of SMEs in a South Asian Economy: The Mediating Role of Organizational Excellence
4 Impact of health claims and userfriendly food label on consumers’ packaged food purchase intentionImpact of health claims and userfriendly food label on consumers’ packaged food purchase intention
5 Evaluation Of Disaster Risk Management Structure of Pakistan with Emphasis on Man-Made Disaster
6 The Social Capital based Progrm for combating endemic Dengue Fever: Ehere can we go from Here?
7 The impact of media on entrepreneurship participation: a cross-country panel data analysis
8 Revisiting the agency conflicts in family owned pyramidal business structures: A case of an emerging market
9 Examination of Impact of COVID-19 on Stock Market: Evidence from American Peninsula
10 Exploring the Nexus Among the Business Coping Strategy: Entrepreneurial Orientation and Crisis Readiness– A Post-COVID-19 Analysis of Pakistani SMEsExploring the Nexus Among the Business Coping Strategy: Entrepreneurial Orientation and Crisis Readiness– A Post-COVID-19 Analysis of Pakistani SMEs
11 Relationship between Organizational Commitments and Job Performance of University Teachers
14 How and when the Organizational Ties Build the Organisational Innovation: Resource Based View of Firm Perspective
15 The Impact of Idiosyncratic Risk and Macroeconomic Uncertainty on Firms’ Leverage and Investment: Evidence from the Different Industries of Pakistan.
16 Unethical leadership and crimes of obedience: A moral awareness perspective
17 Mediating Role of Entrepreneurial Selfefficacy in the Relationship of Social Capital and Entrepreneurial Intentions
18 Cognitive Behaviours Affecting Investment Decision-Making Processes
19 Social Capital as a Determinant of Individuals’ Entrepreneurial Intention
20 Social capital As a Determinant of Individual’s Entrepreneurial Intention: A MultiMediation Model


SrNo. Year Level City Country Confence
1 2019 International Cambridge UK 8th International Conference on Industrial Technology and Management
2 2020 International Oxford UK 15th International Conference on Interdisciplinary Social Science Studies


SrNo. Year Awarding Organization Description
1 1992 Higher Education Commission Higher Education and Commission Talent award Scheme


SrNo. From - To Title Organization
1 Dec, 2017 - to date Academic Council UOL
2 Dec, 2017 - to date Board of Advance Studies and Research (BASR) UOL
3 Dec, 2017 - to date Board of Faculty UOL
4 Dec, 2017 - to date Strategic Plan Core Committee UOL
5 Dec, 2017 - to date Selection Board UOL

Courses Taught

SrNo. Type Title University Semester
1 Core HRM UOL Spring 1998
2 Core HRM UOL Fall 1999
3 Core Principles of Management UOL Spring 2000
4 Core Organizational Behaviour UOL Spring 2001
5 Core Organizational Behaviour UOL Fall 2002
6 Core HRM UOL Spring 2004
7 Core Principles of Management UOL Fall 2006
8 Specialization Entrepreneurship UOL Spring 2007
9 Specialization Entrepreneurship UOL Fall 2009
10 Specialization Finanacial Management UOL Spring 2011
11 Core Organizational Behaviour UOL Spring 2013
12 Specialization Entrepreneurship UOL Fall 2015

Project Supervisor


SrNo. From - To Organization Job Description
1 11/01/2019 - 10/28/2021 UOL Dean (Faculty of Management Sciences)


Research Fundings

Extracurricular Activities

SrNo. Hobbies Interests
1 Reading Travelling and Social Work

Languages and Skills

SrNo. Langues Skills
1 English Oral & Written
2 Urdu Oral & Written
3 Arabic Oral
4 Turkish Oral

Active Collabrations

Consulting Experience