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Sehrish Sikander

Sehrish Sikander

Senior Lecturer/Consultant Nutritionist
UIDN-Academic Staff
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Sehrish Sikander is serving as Senior Lecturer at Faculty of Allied Health Sciences- University Institute of Diet and Nutritional Sciences, University of Lahore since 2017. She has taught "Nutritional Counseling and Diet Therapy" course to ' Bachelor of Diet and Nutritional Science' degree program. Presently, she is also co-supervising the curriculum based internship to undergraduates in clinical setting.

She has joined University of Lahore, Teaching Hospital, as a Consultant Nutritionist in 2017. She is giving her consultancy for diet planning and lifestyle modification in Out-Patient Department for obesity and various chronic disorders. She also assesses the nutritional requirements and prescribes nutritional care plans for IV feed / tube-feed to critically ill patients in hospital setting. Furthermore, food service management, menu structuring and planning at ULTH cafeteria is also monitored by her.

Currently, she is pursuing her education and is enrolled in Doctor of Philosophy (Human Nutrition and Dietetics) from UIDNS, University of Lahore. Her earlier academic background was 18 years of education with MSc (hons) and BSc (hons) in Human Nutrition and Dietetics. She is an alumni of University of Agriculture, Faisalabad (2011-2017). Her post-graduation research was on "Effect of walnuts (Juglan Regia) on patients having metabolic syndrome; a randomized control trial. She is actively involved in various academic and research activities.


Her research interests includes:

·         Public health nutrition
         Personalized nutrition
         Nutritional psychology
         Nutraceutical and functional foods